Cameron Dunlap Announces His New Program That Helps Real Estate Investors Save Homeowners From the Foreclosure Process

Campbell, NY (PRWEB) October 18, 2013

Cameron Dunlap, who is one of the nations top foreclosure experts, has created a training program that reviews the necessary steps and procedures needed to flip a foreclosure for a profit. Until Fast Cash with Foreclosures was released, it was difficult for real estate investors to find the training needed to help home owners prevent foreclosure. Dealing with banks is a touchy process and needs to be approached in a specific manor if a profit is to be made.

Not only does this program provide the training real estate investors need to flip foreclosures, but it also provides the proof of funds needed to even make an offer. The proof of funds plays a crucial part in whether or not the investor can get the deal. All of these letters are backed up by Cameron himself, which means the credibility and funds will always be there. If needed, he will also send a verification deposit directly to the agent, seller, or bank asking for the proof of funds. Ive been in this business a long time, Cameron stated, and I know how important proof of funds letters are. Investors will not be able to do deals without them.

Most real estate investors looking to work with foreclosed properties also do not have the funding needed to purchase the property out right. Foreclosures are so delicate. Cash is needed to do these deals without a doubt. Cameron provides transactional funding as part of Fast Cash with Foreclosures as well, so real estate investors dont have to worry about having the funds on hand.

Cameron also stated, Right now is a great time to start investing in foreclosures too, the market is perfect. This program has everything needed to get started. The training, proof of funds and transactional funding are only the primary pieces of this program. Investors also get support from my team. Thats priceless.

Cameron has built Fast Cash with Foreclosure with both beginning and experienced real estate investors in mind. Not all home owners have the means to avoid the foreclosure process and need help from investors with the knowledge and funds to help them. This program gives investors all that is needed to get a successful start in this business.

For more information or to get started with Camerons Fast Cash with Foreclosures program today, visit

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Announcing an All-New Program for Flipping Houses Faster Than Ever Before

Campbell, NY (PRWEB) November 05, 2013

Foreclosures are on the rise, and the demand for investors experienced with flipping houses is on the rise. Without the knowledge needed to flip foreclosures, investors are unable to take advantage of the opportunity at hand. Fast Cash with Foreclosures is a new program that provides the needed education and funding to turn foreclosures into profitable deals.

Cameron Dunlap, who is one of the nations most experienced foreclosure experts, has designed a training program that will give investors the means necessary to find and flip foreclosures. With this program he provides training, proof of funds, transactional funding, and management software.
Dealing with foreclosures is a delicate process. Investors must have the knowledge on how to negotiate with banks or sellers and potential property buyers so that they can flip the property quickly for a profit. Fast Cash with Foreclosures includes training materials that will prepare investors to deal with a myriad of situations when it coming to investing in foreclosures.

In order for an investor to be take seriously, they need to present a proof of funds earn when they make an offer. With this new program Investors are provided with verifiable and unlimited proof of funds letters from Cameron himself. Cameron will also personally back any letter with a verification deposit that he will send straight to the agent, seller or bank if needed.

The final and i of the most important pieces of the Fast Cash With Foreclosures program the transitional funding. Many investors simply dont have the fund on hand to buy a property for cash, but with this program, they no longer have to. Now investors will be able to use Camerons funding to buy the property and get the deal done.

Many people ask how we can charge next to nothing for the use of my funding. Well, the more deals that our customers do, the more we make, Cameron stated, We provide them with the means to do more deals in less time. Its a win-win situation for us both.

Camerons Fast Cash with Foreclosures program is poised to help many investors profit from flipping houses in todays real estate market giving investors more time to focus on finding more deals instead of closing just one.

For more details on how the Fast Cash with Foreclosures program will help investors profit from flipping houses, visit

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Cash Is King In Brevard Real Estate Sales
The only qualification needed from a cash buyer is a Proof of Funds statement from their bank stating they have the funds matching or exceeding the contract amount. • Cash buyers are able to avoid loan origination fees, the cost of a property appraisal …

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Scripps College Alumna Sarah Harris 96 Selected for Prestigious Legal Diversity Fellows Program

Claremont, Calif. (PRWEB) April 13, 2013

Baker & McKenzie partner Sarah Harris 96 is one of 160 lawyers selected for the 2013 Fellows Program of the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity, an organization made up of the legal professions top general counsels and managing partners. The fellows program identifies high-potential lawyers from diverse backgrounds.

When I heard I was selected, I was both honored and excited to have such a prestigious platform from which to continue my efforts to increase diversity in the legal field, Harris said. I look forward to many additional opportunities for growth, education and bridge building that the fellows program will provide.

At Baker & McKenzie, Harris primarily works on corporate transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, private equity fund secondary transactions and fund formation. Her experience also includes public and private securities offerings, securities law compliance, corporate governance, contract review and general corporate matters. She is actively involved in the firm’s pro bono programs and is a member of the National Bar Association, the Cook County Bar Association and the Chicago Committee on Minorities in Large Law Firms.

The Leadership Council on Legal Diversity is a growing organization of more than 200 corporate chief legal officers and law firm managing partners dedicated to creating a diverse legal profession. The Fellows Program is one of several initiatives launched by the council since its inception in 2009. The group has also developed programs to address pipeline issues that face the legal profession so as to encourage minorities and women to enter the law. For more information, please visit its website at:

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Versonce Asset Management Announces Investment in Bank Collateral Ventures

Zurich, British Virgin Islands (PRWEB) November 19, 2012

Versonce Asset Management, a leading banking institution, is offering clients a new secure and efficient platform to raise funds for various projects.

With the new service, the firm allows for joint ventures with clients in order to provide bank collateral in the form of standby letters of credit, bank guarantees, bonds and notes. It puts bankers in full control of transactions and escrow deposits releases. Meanwhile, all funds are kept with specified, third-party, licensed and bonded escrow firms and agents until bankers have sufficiently verified and authenticated the collateral and given the escrow agents confirmation to release funds.

By implementing this system and undertaking a responsible course of action, Versonce Asset Management is seeking to improve the quality of banking transactions.

This process is much quicker and cost effective than traditional fundraising mechanisms like bond underwriting, said Richard Rexroth of Versonce Asset Management. Our fees are substantially lower than any of our competitors, with the total cost typically between three to five percent per year. Thats in addition to a smaller fraction, usually between one and three percent of the total amount, being placed in escrow to cause issuance.

The investment into collateral ventures by Versonce Asset Management marks a reinvention of a traditional support service. By offering support for smaller ventures through a partnership rather than customary financing, the company is taking the next step in bolstering opportunities for businesses. In specific situations, the firm can even refer clients to a third-party monetizing agency, which will often provide funds against the issued collateral.

Versonce Asset Management has a boutique approach and special perspective that sets it apart from other banking organizations. Based in the British Virgin Islands and with a focus on managing private wealth and parlaying capital into secure power investments, the company is a sterling partner in high-level financial enterprising. Versonce also specializes in letters of credit, proof of funds and bank guarantees, as well as many other traditional banking services.

This new service is just one more example of how our firm continues to be on the cutting edge, said Rexroth. Using our services, clients can raise funds quickly, securely and privately for projects around the world.

Versonce Asset Management is a fully owned subsidiary of Versonce Private Trust Banking.

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Versonce Asset Management Seeks Motivated Partners as Authorized Relationship Managers

Zurich, British Virgin Islands (PRWEB) November 20, 2012

Versonce Asset Management, a leading banking institution, is seeking motivated groups or individuals to become authorized Relationship Managers.

With the announcement, the company is seeking candidates with high standards of excellence in service and communication, giving them the potential to earn high-level commissions in a sophisticated sales environment. Individuals with comprehensive experience in financial services can now apply, especially those who are self-motivating and thrive in an entrepreneurial atmosphere.

Individuals who exhibit exceptional communication skills and a desire to go above and beyond expectations will find this opportunity very satisfying, said Richard Rexroth of Versonce Asset Management. We are able to provide an environment in which personal growth is widely attainable and success is firmly praised.

Authorized Relationship Managers are tasked with attracting new clients and closing new accounts, which is done in the form of an escrow deposit in a Versonce Collateral program or a deposit into a private trust. Clients are generated through leads based on geography and specialty focus.

The company awards compensation in several forms, including a $ 5,000 advance on any funds placed in escrow in the Versonce Collateral program. Relationship Managers will also receive an one percent advance on all deposits placed with Versonce Private Trust Banking and unique pricing of three percent per year for all Collateral issuances.

We are looking to attract top-tier of talent, which is why were willing to offer some of the best incentives in the industry, said Rexroth. Versonce Asset Management is known for providing a superior level of service, and were looking to continue that record of excellence with Relationship Managers who bring a strong work ethic to our company.

Interested candidates who meet the criteria for this position should apply by submitting an email to hr (at) versonce (dot) com. Candidates should attach a current r

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Merchant Data Systems Offers New Opportunities to Motorcycle Dealers

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) April 26, 2013

Merchant Data Systems is reaching out to specific targeted business, like motorcycle dealers, to offer them new and expanding services. Since Merchant Data Systems specializes in credit card processing for companies, they know what it takes to make a company successful. From payroll solutions to the ability to accept electronic checks, MDS understands the needs of their customers and wants to ensure they are able to process electronic payments with ease.

There are hardly any businesses left that dont accept credit cards. The ones that dont accept them are only cutting their own revenues. Accepting credit cards is part of the modern business world and there is no way around it. People feel funny when it comes to carrying cash. Money can easily be lost or misplaced, and when carrying cash it might be easier to spend it more freely. Also electronic payments help those that are on a budget to stay on budget, not to mention the reporting aspects. Point blank, businesses need to accept electronic payments.

To accept credit and debit cards, a business must have what is called a merchant processing company. This company will take the funds from the consumer and put it into the businesses account. With some companies, this may be a difficult process, and not all merchants want to deal with risky companies, like motorcycle dealers. However, MDS is quite different because they are their own underwriting company. What that means for the merchants is that MDS does the approvals. They can approve a business that might normally be considered a risk and give them a chance with a merchant account.

While they do provide credit card machines and give the ability to accept credit cards, their entire scope of business goes far beyond that. For starters, they try to stay ahead on the technological advances. One such advance that has most people talking is the mobile credit card processing. Anyone who has a smartphone with Android or Apple operating systems can use the mobile payment feature. For motorcycle dealers to be successful, there may be times when they have to take inventory on the road. This can be difficult when it comes to getting payment. That cell phone that is used for ordering food or checking a bank balance can instantly be turned into a payment epicenter. Simply attach a small reader that MDS will provide, and then slide the card. The reader will send the information on the card for mobile processing. It works like any other transaction, in that the funds are put into the businesses account. Drew Freeman, President at Merchant Data Systems, mentions, “Merchant Data Systems stays on top of the latest trends in E-commerce and mobile payment options to help businesses stay competitive as the retail landscape changes.”

Another way business, like that of a motorcycle dealer, make great money is having an online presence. To the online merchant, e-commerce is certainly an important part of any company. Having great inventory online, including bikes and biking supplies, needs to be easy to purchase and put in the shopping cart. Merchant Data Systems can help the business to set up their page and to make sure it is easy for customer to navigate. Having the shopping cart set up right can provide invoicing solutions to online customers. POS integration is another aspect that MDS delves into. Not only do they offer the ability to integrate, but also they will even finance the equipment. Whether looking to lease or to purchase, Merchant Data Systems has the package and answer that is perfect for the company.

There are times in every biker business that funds are not pouring in like they should. In fact, some find that this type of business can be feast or famine. When those down times occur, there is help available. FAST CASH is a merchant cash advance program that Merchant Data Systems created to help their merchants. By doing some calculations and looking at past processing reports, they will come up with a loan amount that works. This is similar to a cash advance, except it is for the business not the individual. Loan amounts can be repaid from future credit card transactions.

What about payroll solutions? Merchant Data Systems understands the frustration in dealing with the numbers game, which is why they have teamed up with 2 of the countrys largest payroll companies. These companies will allow a business to simply call in the hours and they take care of the rest. Filing mundane tax and quarterly reports has never been so easy. Worried about end of the year W-2s, there is no need, they will take care of those as well.

Sure there are many merchant processing companies that offer great services and credit card terminals, but few have the years of experience and dedication to their customers that MDS does. They offer great merchant services and for their customers. Stop dealing with companies who are only in it for the money. Look to a company with a drive to make each business they work with have a better chance of success.

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